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    hi...I am new member.The new the forgotten sands is a very good game...i liked the acrobatics and the new skills but i didnt like the combat system.I thnk they should have kept the WW or T2T combat system along with some improvements and less combos (everything u tapped in WW was a combo and it was a bit annoying).what s ur opinions?:P
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    No. Everything u tapped in WW was not a combo and it was a bit more enjoying. But u were -> they must have mixed the combat of from WW and T2T.
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    I also thnk they must keep some of the new moves of "The forgotten sands" like the kick,the one sword moves(when the prince has only one sword) and the elemental attacks...Concerning the enemies i thnk they must be bigger and with blood like the enemies of T2T...Also in the forgotten sands i liked the fact that the enemies were killed easily...stabbing the enemies more than 5 times in the stomach in order to kill them was very annoying.A dudge button would be also quite usefull and funny. :P (concerning the combos in WW the prince couldnt hit like a normal person except if he used only one sword...if he used the LMB and E in any order there was a combo and that was what i dont like...performing combos was too easy for the user and there wasnt the option to attack with both swords without using combos.Thats what i mean when i say everything u tapped was a combo.Of course the prince could attack normally but using only one sword.Thats my opinion of course thnx for ur time.
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    I call it Combo because u will hit more that 1
    enemy. and thanks to u too for posting such forums
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    This is how i thnk the bet combat and moving system is:
    w,a,s,d: moving
    E :left hand atk
    LMB:right hand atk
    RMB: defence(only when the enemy is in front,not behind) and wall running
    Q:kick atk/or when enemie not close fast walk button)
    I thnk a dodging system would be fun
    shift+a/d/w/s:dodging by turning the upper body left/right/down/and behind (sthing like matrix)
    C:stabbing one enemie in chest when close and weapon throw when he is away
    Space: jump
    shift + space :rolling
    (plus the new acrobatic moves and elemental atks at the forgotten sands that cant remember :P)

    When the prince wont have dual weapon only the right sword the moves are the same to T2T/WW game plus the kick and the dodge system nad the other moves i described that dont need two swords
    Concerning the enemies i wont them to be killed with one two hits as i said before but to make it a bit more difficult to cause more damage to the prince when hit..
    Also i said before i wont them with blood no sand,no glowing yellow thing,and large..like the enemies of the T2T especially at the beginning...ur opinions?
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    I hate enemies they die with 2 hits. They must die with 4 to 5 hits. Do u know that Ubi has released a uncut patch for blood. But anything they must copy all the pros and should learn from there mistake. They must bring back and improve the Free form fighting system
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    anew powers like souls and transforming
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    man u r making it very popular. i will accept ur powers but i don't like to like those time controlling powers. Those recall, Eye of the storm
    and Ravages of time was my most favorite and attractive. I would not like to miss it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK UBI!!! PLEASE!!!!
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    prpose ur ideas about combat system like i did by describing the button configuration...and i like easy killed enemies because they are mre realistic...in reality 1 -2 or three stabs are mortal...also why dont they use some of the assasins creed (both are ubi products)
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    the assasin creed acrobatics * :P
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