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    Don't double post dude! Prince of Persia isn't Assasins Creed
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    U r right. Don't make Prince of Persia Assassin creed!! And do u want the series to be ruined?
    Do u want the enemies to get killed easily? Well
    I will never accept it. They should be Killed and
    at the time of their dying condition a speed kill.
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    I really liked Sands of Time's combat system, all about incredible (but realistically grounded) acrobatics, crowd control and having enough time to dispatch a grounded enemy.

    They should just improve on this, everybody enjoyed Batman: Arkham Asylums system even though that was even simpler and had a auto-aim.

    They should also style the combat on Tony Jaa in Ong Bak, it seems like a perfect fit and a good pace for a game (unlike the snails pace of forgotten sands), and like Ong Bak have more free movement in the combat so you can properly move throughout the environment (like in Mirror's Edge).
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    Say any thing but WW is best in the sense of combat, story and prince. The most thing I loved was Dahaka and it is a very difficult game.
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