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    Just when I thought that I had come across all the SCDA bugs on my system, a new one showed up.

    I'd installed a network drive (not USB) behind the firewall on the LAN in my home. Since I have multiple computers in my house, it comes in handy to keep a central file storage location on my LAN.

    Well, yesterday I played SCDA (offline -ll only) with the drive turned off and all was well. However, later that day the drive was booted for someone else to use. When I went back into SCDA, strange things happened. I went to load a save game and during the new mission start movie, which was in audio only with a black screen, a window popped up that said something about saving my game progress. Then another message came up that said the network drive couldn't be accessed and then everything locked up, requiring the three fingered salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del) to end the game. The game isn't even installed on the network drive for crying out load!

    I guess the moral is not to have the network drive turned on when I play SCDA!
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    Moral is not to use SCDA for anything else than decoration of your room, or to throw around or put your drinks on, if you ask me. It's eating dust here.
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