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    I found that elevator freezing is counted from TAS. not IAS. Mabe Im wrong but I think its a bug. For example down low at 300 kmph IAS. is all fine but at the same speed up high controll surfaces are locked up.
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    Compression varies from aircraft-type, speed and altitude. 300 KPH IAS means a lot higher TAS on high altitudes. If it's only that, it may be a bug. But then, high altitude flight-modell was always a problem in this sim and I wouldn't wonder if this is actually part of it. On the other hand it may be, that the aircraft handling simply is much worse on these altitudes. Don't forget: the thinner the air, the less responsive the plane.
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    elevator "freezing" should be modled after Mach AFAIK.
    and in my ingame experience its it not modeled this way.
    an example would be the P-38 - at lower alts it should have no "freeze" at all

    lets see what the next SoW engine will bring.
    here will nothing change anymore !
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