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    Went to the "Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schlei▀heim" in Oberschlei▀heim many months ago, but only got around to sorting out all the pictures now. As usual, they'll be shown in parts with roughly 40 pictures per thread (the max. Photobucket / Imageshack can seem to handle per thread on my computer...). Enjoy!

    Oh, and if anyone wants some of the original sized pictures, email me at ( cawimmer 430 @ yahoo . com ) and make sure the title addresses me and doesn't sound like spam!!!

    Man I hope this thread doesn't get locked!

    Antonov An-2 parked outside the museum.

    Douglas C-47D (DC-3) in Luftwaffe markings.

    Horten IV. The description placard was in German (no English available for some reason). Basically, this glider aircraft was built a total of four time between 1941-1943. It was one of the most advanced gliders of its time and it could fly at speeds as low as 32 km/h and 77 km/h.

    DDMH 22

    LF-1 "Zaunk÷nig"

    Taken just for fun even though they're not real but just "big toys"... Messerschmitt BF-109G-6 and Lockheed P-38 Lightning

    Udet U-12 "Flamingo"

    Fokker D.VII

    Hirth HM504A2 light aircraft engine...

    BŘcker BŘ-181 "Bestmann"

    End of Part 1
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    Very very nice!
    Oh and IBTL
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    Great stuff. That Fokker is a classic, eh? I love the camo scheme. Poor Herbert Muller, builds his own aircraft and his wife wont let him fly it. He must REALLY love her. Thanks for posting.
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    Splendid m8! Thanks for sharing
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    I used to live just outside of Toronto and every night, at roughly the same time, an old DC-3 would fly over my flat. It was music to my ears and still one of my favorite planes.

    Well, when we reach IL-2 1970, I hope that skin is included.

    Thanks again Christian.

    BTW, Brems will love this thread. He's into gliders.

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    Anytime guys. Photography is a big hobby of mine and I love snapping pictures and taking trips.

    Fritz: IL-2 1970.
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    I would love to have some photography lessons from you sir. How do you manage to get such clear shots with no shadows or glare?
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    Oh, and I want pics of the F-4E...lots of pics
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    I like seeing the VW aircooled Type 1 engine in the red homemade DDMH 22. Be neat to see the installation.
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    Hi cawimmer! I'd love every picture you have of everything post 1945 in that museum for my profile drawings my adres is lieuwe dot mail at gmail dot com !
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