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    This is the stretch till the next gen cards. Personally I go for the sweet spot price wise - the leading edge is seldom worth it.

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    Well read this [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif[/img]
    rest my case!

    "We used ATI's publicly available Catalyst 3.7 drivers and in order to support the NV38 we used NVIDIA's forthcoming 52.14 drivers. The 52.14 drivers apparently have issues in two games, neither of which are featured in our test suite (Half Life 2 & Gunmetal)."

    And regarding Aquamark 3 testing...
    "Image quality appears to have improved for NVIDIA in this benchmark over what has been reported of previous drivers, and the NV38 handled the massive overdraw portion of the test the smoothest of all the cards."


    PS! this is quoted from Nvidia forums over at www.guru3d.com
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