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Ubisoft has released a patch intended to fix the "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application" error.

The patch is, 3.29 MB, available here.

To apply this patch:
-- a. Save to your hard drive.
-- b. Extract the 4 files it contains - SoundDecompress.exe, sp.dll, UruExplorer.exe, and UruSetup.exe - to where you saved
-- c. Go to \Program Files\Ubi Soft\Cyan Worlds\Uru - Ages Beyond Myst and for backup purposes rename these same 4 files. For example, rename SoundDecompress.exe to SoundDecompress_OLD.exe.
-- d. Copy the 4 patch files to \Program Files\Ubi Soft\Cyan Worlds\Uru - Ages Beyond Myst.
-- e. Play Uru.

And from the Ubisoft Solution Center:

"Error: “Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application”

I am getting the message “Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application”, but the CD is already in the drive.

The most common cause for this problem is the existence of a virtual drive. If you are using Demon Tools, Alcohol 120, Clone CD, Nero 6, and Norton Ghost, try shutting these programs off and accessing the disk again. Most CD-Burners will come with this software and will create a virtual drive without your knowledge.

Also, if you are using a CDRW or “CD Burner”, the drive itself may have trouble recognizing the CD. These devices are not recommended for use with Uru."


"Your Box States that CD-RWs are Not Recommended. How Come?

I noticed that your box states that CD-RWs are not supported. How come?

In most cases CD-RWs or “CD Burners” will function normally and without problems. There are some CD-RWs that will not recognize the CD in the drive or you might have trouble installing. It is recommended to use a regular CD-ROM drive when installing and when verifying the play disk."