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    Hey everybody...

    I'm a new convert to the world of Maddox Games. I recently saw a copy of Forgotten Battles at a very low price, and as a lapsed flight simmer (sims were my favorite genre back in the days of "F19 Stealth Fighter"), I thought I'd give it a whirl.

    WOW. I fell in love right away. It's taken some time for me to get the basics down, but practice has helped and now I can takeoff, land, navigate and hit ground targets with a reasonable degree of success. I had so much fun with Forgotten Battles that I picked up Pacific Fighters not long ago.

    What I _can't_ get the hang of, though, is aerial gunnery. I simply can't hit targets in air to air combat. I've been practicing by running quick missions in an FW190 against flights of Russian TB3 bombers. I thought this would be a good way to practice, as the 190 is a fine interceptor and the TB3 is a slow, sluggish, poorly defended beast - easy prey for the 190.

    Despite all that, though, I can't seem to hit the darn things! I know that part of the problem is figuring out windage -- I'm still trying to get a sense of how much to lead targets. But even at very close range -- 1km or less, with the target so close it fills my reticle -- I'm missing a lot. The only times I've actually downed a TB3 is when I got a lucky hit with the cannon. (And forget hitting anything smaller than the TB3; I'm completely useless in fighter-to-fighter combat.)

    The problem is that the fighter is incredibly skittish. I can't put the pipper on the target and hold it there before the plane skids off in another direction. Which makes it hard to use the plane as a gun platform.

    So my question is: how did you learn your aerial gunnery? Are there tips you've found in your play that you could share?

    (One thing to note is that this could potentially be a hardware problem. My joystick - Logitech Extreme 3D Pro - has always been overly sensitive; it has the stick-twist feature for rudder control, but I find that the stick thinks I'm twisting even when I bank left or right. I've tried cranking up the dead zone on the twist axis, though, and I still can't fly straight and true...)

    Many thanks for any help you can provide a frustrated noob
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    On ur six, linin\' up ur wing root.
    But even at very close range -- 1km or less,
    I wouldn't consider 1km "close". Maybe .3km, but not 1.

    At that range you are probably missing the target becuase the bullets are affected by gravity. Putting the plane in the middle of the redical will do nothing, you must arc your shots. My longest non-arcing shot (.50 cal) was .6 km.
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    I wouldn't consider 1km "close".
    It's possible I'm misremembering the exact distance or misreading the interface, so apologies if that number seemed off. My point was just that I'm close enough that the target literally fills the entire reticle, which sure seems like it should be 'point-blank'.
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    I wouldn't consider myself an expert marksman, but I learned what gunnery skills I have from practice.

    You need to get in close - real close. Set your convergence to 300 meters or less. Play with icons enabled so you get an accurate range, and then set up a QMB against some bombers (set their loadout to "empty" so they don't shoot back).

    Some people will tell you to put infinite ammo on, but I find that leaving it off will teach you to conserve ammo.

    For planes, instead of the fw190, try flying a hurricane.

    IIRC, the Mk. IIb has lots of ammo, but they're small rounds that don't do much damage. The IIb will teach you to aim for a specific part of the plane, to fire at convergence, etc.

    The Mk. IIc has very limited ammo, but I think it's carrying hispano cannons, so they do lots of damage. It'll teach you to make your shots count.
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    I highly recommend BearCat's Nugget's Guide to Getting off the Ground stickied at the top of this forum (or click the handy link).

    After you've gone through that we'll be happy to answer any other questions you have...

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    try another plane to learn in. although the 190 has lots of firepower, it can be hard to fly for new recruits.
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    Originally posted by na85:
    Play with icons enabled so you get an accurate range...
    How do you 'play with icons enabled'? This sounds useful but I'm not sure what it means or how to turn it on...
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    You need to be at a range of several hundred meters when you fire. Also, set your gun convergence so that it is at whatever distance you want to fire at - say 200 meters.

    Convergence means that the guns are pointed inwards very slightly, so that when you fire all the bullets will hit the same spot 200 (or whatever) meters in front of the plane.

    You also need to concentrate your fire at weak points of the enemy - cockpit, engines, wing root, etc. If you spray and pray you will most likely come home with no kills.
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    Straight and True (30 torpedo bomber missions in an IL-2T)
    Holy moley! You can fly torpedo bombing missions in IL2? That was my biggest disappointment with Pacific Fighters, I wanted to fly TBDs against the IJN...

    (scurrying off to download the campaign)
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