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    I was wondering if there is a way to contact Maddox Games directly? Can't find an e-mail adress on their hp.
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    look into the stickies in Oleg's Ready Room (ORR) forums,also here on UBI, IIRC they have got an e-mail address under 1C.
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    It's in the PF read me files and I quote

    Therefore if you have information which can help us improve existing or create better future models, such as flight test data, high resolution blueprints, cockpit photos and diagrams, pilot operating handbooks for flyable and AI aircraft, as well as other aspects of our sim, please send them to PF@1C.ru

    As always we will try our best to respond to every one of you, even if we already have the information you're offering.
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    thnxalot! indeed i have something very exclusive to offer
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    Originally posted by Supersteffo:
    thnxalot! indeed i have something very exclusive to offer
    Pic of Oleg in a thong? We've all seen it. They won't pay.
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    damnit, you really do?
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