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    Note: this does not belong in the multiplayer forum as it has nothing to with AC Brotherhoods Multiplayer. This is a general discussion topic.

    I have only heard that they will at some point in time include co-op. maybe not in 2011's release but sooner or later, providing that they can justify it.
    So my question to this wonderful community is how do they justify Co-op?

    We all know we want it. We also know that if they gave it to us we would want it to be... worth while.

    Here are a few things I would want from the co-op exp.
    -No split screen. maybe for matchmaking but not for co-op. Only because it would be near impossible for both parties to explore the map at the same time without loading problems or technology limitations.

    -I do not really care much about incorporating the 2nd player into the story. I really just want to be there in single player with my pal. Maybe something close to what Fable 3 did.

    -Maybe have future DLC with co-op missions.

    That is really all I can think of right now. excuse me if I sound "New."
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    Well with the ending of Brotherhood *SPOILER* saying Desmond needs to find Eve's descendant and the truth glyphs from AC2 unlocking the vision of a man and woman free running and climbing an alien structure, I think it's relatively easy for a story tie in for co-op.

    I would like to see the ability to play separate mission objectives at the same time rather than having to assist each other like in Splinter Cell (great co-op game by the way).

    An easy co-op addition bypassing story line requirements would be to just assign the Hero an assistant Assassin like the recruits in Brotherhood.

    Much fun to be had free running roof tops and interacting with AI together.

    Split screen is a huge NO for me, it would be too detrimental to the core game play, online or local link only.
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    Yes. Good points. I am not familiar with Splinter cell's co-op. I think I have played the first two or three games, but thats it.

    And having co-op actually being worked into the story wold be nice. I just don't want it to be necessary. I want co-op to be more of an option. That is why I think assisting would be better.

    Then again, assisting might take away from some fun as you might not be able to call in your own assassins if you're the assistant.

    Okay i'm going all over the place. it would be nice to play with a pal with all abilities granted, including single player completion.
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    Come on! There has to be more than 1 person with a sensible opinion... This isn't the Halo community is it?
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