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    Hello, I've been playing SHIII since it first came out but I've haven't played this game hardcore since around February. Unfortunately I uninstalled the game which was stupid on my account. Anyway I haven't gone threw all the discussions topics that I've missed since February. There's a lot and it would take me forever to read over it all. Not that I don't want to, just no time Just wondering if I could get some advice on the must have mods since I've been gone for so long I really don't know what is worth having or out there.

    Sorry if this is a repeated topic.

    Thank you in advance for any reply!
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    There's a sticky on top of the general discussion for newbies


    Somewhere on the page is a list of the mods. I'm not using any myself, but I think Greywolves is quite the mod to get these days
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    I havent got any mods but it seems to me that Grey Wolves is highly recommended. I have been thinking about it for a while and i think i will give it a go myself, and there is also a lot of support in here if you have any problems loading etc.
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    There are also "Mini mods" you can add to GW, Real Uboat, Improved Uboat etc...

    There are additional sound mods, pin-up girls, ship skins, more ships, scenery, and the list goes on and on.

    There must be about a dozen sites that have FREE downloads for all of these. And don't BUY Seawolves Expansion, because all these mods are available.

    Start with the Sticky at top of page that says Patches, mods, tools etc.

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