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    Seriously? Why does it even matter? That ticked me off when I read a post on this site that someone actually didnt want this game to come out on 360.
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    Because this game looks awesome, and is no longer for PS3 and I would imagine that would annoy some PS3 fanatics
    And the 360 version is said to have better AI so maybe PS3 owners feel like they're missing out although we don't know if the PS3 version has anything the 360 doesn't yet.
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    Ok the whole better AI thing is bull but I agree it doesn't matter what system it comes on I own a ps3 and frankly the games gonna be exactly the same on either one and that's that it's just ps3 people are losing so many good exclusives it's kind of hurting ps3 sales and if they lose ps3 sales there might not be a ps4 but whose looking that far ahead hm? we got 5 years still to see what the ps3 will bring maybe 360 will win maybe ps3 will win hell maybe even wii will win the demand is so high for that thing Oh yea and it's fun ya'll should seriously considering playing it at the store or pickin' one up it's good yay wii sports
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    If either of the games are better I'd say it would be on 360 only becuase it is set to come out later so they have more time to work on it and fix it up.
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    The 360 and ps3 versions are coming out on the exact same day unless it's been changed which i haven't heard any and news trust me i'm watching this game like a hawk
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    PS3 Vs Xbox360

    You make your own opinion!

    2-3rd gen games = Xbox360
    1st gen games = PS3

    Even with that being said, I still think that it doesn't worth it (200$ more) and not because I'm cheap! Instead, I've bought myself the Wii along with my 360..

    You decide!
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    if only I could find a Wii... I already have the 360...
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    ^^Same..i have a 360 and want the wii
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    Bought mine through Ubi!
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    I got a Wii AND a PS3
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