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    I just checked and pre ordered immediately.


    Preorder bonuses.
    Digital Deluxe Edition
    2 Exclusive Single-Player Maps: The Trajan Market & The Aqueduct

    2 Multiplayer Characters:
    The Officer - Death's Finest Ally: Few have seen him. Even fewer have lived to tell about it. Fear is his friend, and Death is his ally.
    The Harlequin - The Walking Nightmare: Behind the gaudy costume and twisted smile lies the soul of a merciless Assassin.

    1 Ezio Skin - Helmschmied Drachen Armor: Fashioned by the Helmschmied Armory in 1489, only a few sets were completed due to the weight of the metal. Very few men proved strong enough to wear it.

    The Original Codex Written by Altaïr: Take a closer look at the history of the Assassins and art of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

    Multiplayer Characters Collectible Trading Cards: A set of trading cards featuring all the characters of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer, including their kill moves and biographies.

    Map of Rome
    Assassin’s Creed Lineage - The Complete Movie: Explore the events that revolve around Ezio’s father, Giovanni Auditore da Firenze, and gain insight on the Assassin’s Creed story and universe.

    Making-Of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood - Behind the Brotherhood: Go behind the scenes with the development team to learn about how the game was made and Ezio’s continuing story.

    Game Soundtrack: 22 songs from the original game soundtrack by Jesper Kyd.
    Digital Premium Edition content is only available via download
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    They have not put the release date on it for some reason.
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