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    good job ubi, have the same problem nothing i do helps, scanning the forums for help, thanks a lot ubi, so much for wasting money on your stuff, how about making shure you can play the bloody game
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    Hello, i am having this problem on my Ps3 console and i'd like to know how to fix this irritating error ...
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    Ohhh.... it's a ghost thread brought from the deaaad!

    I've had this problem too. The solution is something that hasn't been mentioned (or at least not mentioned much) so I'll post it here. This is assuming you have tried...

    Forwarding the necessary ports
    Checking the hosts file for anything rouge lines
    Disabling your firewall and Anti Virus
    Uninstalling and reinstalling the game
    Validating integrity of game cache
    Created another uPlay account

    Go to www.portforward.com and download the PF Static IP software (on the side bar). If you forwarded your ports yourself, then chances are you've done this already. Open the software, set your connection to use a static IP. Check all the recommended options except your DNS. Instead, check the box that uses google's DNS. Click OK and you're done. Try it. Hope it works for any of you people out there!
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