Get a 9700 pro and overclock it.

I have a saphire 9700 non-pro - I flashed the bios, added a $30 cooling kit (Zalman hp80a - and ramsinks) overclocked it way above pro speeds and, with the omega drivers it ties my 9800 pro in 3dmark03 - even with the 9800pro overclocked.

Thing is - if you get a 9700 non-pro you have to make sure it has the samsung ram. 9500 pro is also an excellent card that will run way over spec - but hard to find.

I got my 9800pro free - normally I never like to spend more than $200 on any single component.

PS - I hear 256 meg vs 128 is not worth it - the extra mem is used only at extremely high resolutions and the ram is much more difficult to cool - resulting in lower overclock potential.

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