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    So, in the latest interview with Jade Raymond she said that before killing your target you have to gather certain information about him. What do you think this info is for? Personally I think the info you need is the one that tells you your target's location. That would make sense. First investigate where he or she is and then strike. Sounds cool. Imagine, eavesdroping in other people's conversations to locate you victim. I can't wait!
    Here is the link
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    Im guessing your gonna have to pick up his schedual rather then his location, kinda like a few quests from Oblivion. That way you will know were he is at different times of the day and then you can make your strike...but wait the time doesnt change...
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    Perhaps it'll be like in Hitman that he has a routine which he repeats several times during the mission.
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    Maybe also when u investigate on ur targets as u learn about them u start to uncover this whole "conspiracy" that ubisoft has mentioned is going to be going on within the game
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    Just having this concept into game play is SICK!!!!!
    Ah man... this is torture. I can't yet for the next showing.
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    i think that you'll have toojust follow them around or somthing and maybe find out when a exicution (bad spelling) is them go get him there.
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    I'm personally hoping to be able to gather all sorts of information about my target.
    Where he lives, family, occupation, schedule among other things.
    I may be looking to far, but I want real exploitation.
    But this is the game I've been waiting my whole life for anyway so I'm content.
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    i dont know if i say this right.. um
    pick pocketing you have to do that too to get info so that mean theres also a sort of list on where the target is
    and for the people in the game they will probably talk to each other like: hey did you know blablabla is in town hes in acre today.
    well you know something like that
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    If I remember correctly Jade Raymond said something about having to interrogate people aswell. Some you have to fight and beat to get answers from and some you have to chase down because they'll run when they see you. That sounds awesome and I'd love to beat information out of some guy
    So that opens up for some real hardcore fighting action aswell in the prequests. You would also have to eves drop(is that how to spell it?) on people to get info about your target. All in all this sounds like an awesome game!
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    She explains where it is for in the interview itself, its to gather all the information you need to find and kill your target.
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