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    add me too, jummykun
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    Looking for over 40 people to work out with

    I am a 44 year old out of shape gal who turned eating organically and started working out. I have about 80 pounds to lose. If anyone would like to join me please add me as a friend!
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    Add me..

    Add me as a friend to help with challenges.... LoopyKaz
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    Add me too Please My tag is JammedPlace7
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    Is anyone using this still? If so please message us with your age, gender and country so we can get people to challenge and stay motivated. Thanks a bunch!
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    Skadie's Avatar Junior Member
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    May 2015
    France, South-West


    Skadie, woman, 38, french.

    feel free to add me !
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    Am I the only one still using this?

    I have got back in to doing a little each day...

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