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    So, I don't have Word on my computer at the moment, and I cannot view the installation manual file. I was wondering if there was a webpage with the instructions on it, or if someone here could walk me thru it. I would really like to get it to work, thanks.
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    Heres the readme with setup instructions

    L2Mat 1.1SR1 release


    When running IL2Mat for the first time, open the program configuration
    by clicking Configure in the popup menu of the IL2Man's tray icon.

    1) Ensure that IL-2 Location points to the directory where IL-2 is installed
    (IL-2 Mat should autodetect location of western or russian IL-2 versions).
    If it does not or you have several installs of IL-2, click the button on the
    right of this field and select the root directory (where il2.exe is located)
    of the IL-2 copy you want IL2Mat to work with.

    2) Select the directory where your custom files are located
    (Custom markings location field)

    3) Use the "File types to be copied" list to define what file types should be
    copied (i.e MAT, TGA etc), use the plus and minus buttons to add/remove items
    from the list.

    4) check "Load on Windows startup" if you want IL2Mat to be loaded when Windows

    5) Select action to be performed when double-clicking IL2Mat's icon in the system tray: open configuration dialog or start IL-2

    6) Squadron configuration

    On the second page select the nation (Germany, Russia and Others) and the list will
    be filled with the (standard) squadrons for that nation. You can assign different TGAs or BMPs to selected squadrons, location of the image files does not matter.
    The necessary MAT files will be generated automatically when needed and the image copied (or saved as TGA if it was a BMP).
    To assign image to a selected squadron either double-click on it or right-click (works on multiple selection too) and select Associate image from the popup menu,
    browse to the image location and select it.


    Click OK button to save the settings.

    From the pop-up menu of IL2Mat's tray icon ensure that "Active" is checked. The program
    monitors and copies files only if it is Active (checked). Field is a toggle, so to deactivate monitoring/copying click Active again so that it is unchecked.

    Start Il-2 in whatever manner you want, IL2Mat will copy the files when needed as long as both directory fields point to the correct locations and Active is checked.

    BMP to TGA Conversion
    Standalone operation: the selected BMP is saved as 32-bit TGA in the same location.
    Automated: if copied file (from custom artwork dir) is BMP it will be saved as TGA in cache directory; same thing for BMPs attached to a specific squadron

    **NOTE: The BMP must be saved as true-color (24-bit), otherwise the resulting TGA will not have transparent areas. The color to be used as transparency mask is taken
    by sampling the lower-left pixel of the BMP.

    If you have any problems, questions and suggestions please contact me
    at alazarov@host.sk

    Version History
    1.1SR1 - Fixed: Form sizing problem on systems using other than Small Fonts Windows setting

    1.1 - Fixed: Path to artwork location stored incorrectly in some cases
    Added: Starting IL-2 from IL2Mat
    Added: Selecting double-click behaviour of system tray icon
    Added: BMP to TGA conversion
    Added: Assigning artwork to selected squadrons; MAT generation automatic

    1.0 - Original release

    Andrew Lazarov
    Sofia, 2002
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    hmmm not quite sure if that helps me entirely, but thanks. I have mat manager 2.33+ and I know the setup instructions are a lot longer than that.
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    been meaning to get an updated version
    just havn't gotten around to it.
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    Use WordPad (it comes with WindowsXP installation), it works same as in Word (Microsoft Office) .
    Manager setup is really tough/impossible without reading the README file.
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