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    For 60 years ago Raoul Wallenberg disapeard in Budapest. Wallenberg delivered swedish passports to many hungarian jews and salvaged them from the holocoust.
    He got diplomatic protection as a member of the swedish ambassy in Budapest.
    He disapeared and no one knew where. The red army answered that they had taking care of him to protect him from danger.
    There have never been any proof that he did anything but pure humanitarian aid.
    This service ended in the Lefortovo prison where he probably where executed 1947. One statement, among many others and lots of denials, was that he died of as the result of a myocardial infarction. He became 35 years old. A bit to young for a heart attack but not for bullit in the neck.
    I am glad that I and my country never was protected by the red army.
    Give Raoul a though and light a candle for him.
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    yep, this is a classic case of the good guy always gets screwed. very sad indeed
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    Raoul Wallenberg disappeared on January 17, 1945. The Soviet army declared that he had likely been killed by the Nazis. In 1957, the Soviet Union admitted to having held him in prison where he died on July 17, 1947, at the age of 34. However, some people have claimed that he was alive in the 1950s and 1960s, and even possibly into the 1980s.

    In 1985, in recognition of his humanitarian deeds, Canada declared Raoul Wallenberg its first honorary Canadian citizen. Since 1987, a number of parks and monuments in Canada have been dedicated to his memory.

    In a special reception on Parliament Hill on June 5, 2001, the Minister of Canadian Heritage annonced that on January 17 we would commemorate Raoul Wallenberg: "In honouring Raoul Wallenberg each year on January 17, we will honour the courage, character and humanity of an exceptional individual," said Minister Copps.

    Raoul Wallenberg's legacy - to respect human dignity across national, ethnic and religious differences and to act courageously to combat hate and prejudice - is taken up by those who work to protect and promote human rights in Canada and around the world.
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    Last photo.

    Link: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/...allenberg.html

    One of the Passes.

    On January 13, 1945, an advancing Soviet troop saw a man standing and waiting for them in front of a house with a large Swedish flag above the door. In fluent Russian, Raoul Wallenberg explained to a surprised Russian sergeant that he was Swedish chargé d'affaires for the Russian-liberated parts of Hungary. Wallenberg requested, and was given permission to visit the Soviet military headquarters in the city of Debrecen east of Budapest.

    On his way out of the capital on January 17 €" with Russian escort €" Wallenberg and his driver stopped at the €œSwedish houses€ to say good-bye to his friends. To one of his colleagues, Dr. Ern¶ Pet¶, Wallenberg said that he wasn't sure if he was going to be the Russian's guest or their prisoner. Raoul Wallenberg thought he'd be back within eight days--but he has been missing since then.

    Whether Raoul Wallenberg is alive or not is uncertain. The Russians claim that he died in Russian captivity on July 17, 1947. A number of testimonies indicate, however, that he was alive and that he still could be alive.
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    For those of you who can get a hand on it, see this movie:

    Stellan Skarsg¥rd (known from such films as Breaking the Waves, Good Will Hunting, Ronin, Deep Blue Sea, Dogville and that crappy King Arthur) makes a really good job in portraying Mr Wallenberg
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