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    After downkoading, how do you add new chess sets?
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    Well, the Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition Downloads does have instructions...

    In the cases of the official sets, all you need to do is run the executables, which will install the sets for you.

    Most of the user-created sets were originally created for Chessmaster 10th Edition, so when you unzip them, you'll need to change the destination folder to the following:

    C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition
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    In Inglese
    Hi! They are Dinocostas ... I would need to know if there are other Chess Sets for Chessmaster Grandmaster .... if they exist I would like to get the Link where to download them ... otherwise I could always have new sets for ChessMaster Grand Master, via E-Mail Thank you . My E-Mail (dinoconchas@libero.it)

    In Italiano
    Salve! Sono Dinocostas...avrei bisogno di sapere se esistono alltri Set di Scacchi per Chessmaster Grandmaster....se esistono gradirei ottenere il Link dove scaricarli...altrimenti potrei avere sempre nuovi set per ChessMaster Grand Master, tramite E-Mail.Grazie Mia E-Mail (dinoconchas@libero.it)
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    Id like to modify this game too!
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    This guy has a blog for CM11, with a lot of new sets, and files etc.
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