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    is there any way to get shrunken heads other than investing 1 million into shops?
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    Well I got one shurnken head in Palazzo Lanterano (5th Romulus Lair) and one from a chest in Antico District.
    Chest Location
    Picture of Chest

    Edit: The chest in Palazzo Lanterano is in the final room. Go right jump down and go straight until you can turn right.
    Chest Picture
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    Seems that thief enemies of the DLC own many rare items for quest
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    Whether the Cento Occhi have shrunken heads still needs to be confirmed. I read that some borgia courriers have them(I've found that when you get out of the hideout there's most of the time a courrier on the island trying to get away)

    The only way other than investing is in antico and in the sixth day romulus lair
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