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    Thinking about how much online play is at low altitude and thinking on how to change that;

    Airstarts at high altitude for starters...20-30K but more importantly there needs to be a way for a given team to acheive its goals from that altitude so as to keep the fight high...

    So we need flyable heavies and the ability to mark sections of cities as targets and define them in a way so as to set and acheive mission goals....

    I'd think most of this would be fairly easy except for the flyable bomber thing....this is where I'd love to see a compromise made...give me a B-17 or B-24 with a pilot and a bombadier and but the other stations in later, if at all. Prioritize the gunner stations like tailgunner station gets #1 priority followed by top turret, bottom turret, nose gunners and waiste gunners in that order.

    Would make for an interesting battle and change some of the tactics and perception of modelling in this I would think.
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    There will be the posibility to add bots on Dogfight servers, maybe with them some high altitude fighting could happen in scripted servers.
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    Air Starts and co-op missions as opposed to ground starts and dogfight servers. Viola!!
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    S! Set a hard deck for yourself, go up and make contrails, they will come.
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    I made this simple diagram based on my observations. About the last post. Make contrails in a battle that will most likely take place at 4,000m and your being totally useless to your team.

    Where as in example. if the high alt of a map is 5500m, medium is 2500m, and low is 500m. A player is likely to only dive down one level for a boom and zoom attack. a low level player is not really under threat of a high level fighter. so flying at an ultra high 12,000 meters your wasting your time. out of visual range you not only wont see any of the battle you will be of no help to your pals.

    How many people have to die before you relize your mistake? Stay with the battle, and place bases at distances to control the battle. And remember, people don't dont like to fly for 20 minutes before they see an enemy.
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    Speaking from experience, only one thing promotes high altitude fights; Fear of death. i.e., play a DiD campaign and you'll be surprised how often people grab altitude and fly as teams.
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    Many players won't take the time to climb and there are no objectives to keep them high...

    I think the airstart is only half the problem, because any sign of trouble or any low altitude tracers and many will go barreling down, once again forcing combat at low altitude.

    The reason the European air war was fought primarily over 20K was because of the bombers...without them, there was no high altitude air war.

    In order to keep the fight high, there must be high altitude objectives like B-17's and the bombers must be able to inflict enough damage from high altitude so as to incent the enemy to stay high and engage...if a Fw bails out for the ground then he can look forward to a B-24 dropping 8,000 pounds of ordinance on his base or the property under his protection.

    I'm speaking conceptually, but at the moment..there is no reason for combat to stay high...sometimes it gets high, but often is only from a few brave pilots with oodles of patience.
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    this thread really belongs in GD, but...

    at least one idea is to have bad weather....VERY bad weather from the deck up to at least a few thousand meters...this will ensure most fighting takes place at elast above that altitude...makes for good refuge from death, as well....but will more or less ensure that any actual fighting will be at least a few thousand meters up, instead of the seemingly endless cavalcade of La7/yak3 tnb deck fighting

    and even adds immersion, if you will...you see, sometimes, during 39-45, there were actually days that saw bad weather in lower altitudes, forcing ATA combat to take place at more than 50 ft off ground....i know it sounds totally incredible, but its true!
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    Have 20mm flak covering the entire map.

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    fly coops/develop a system that injects crack when someone climbs, more crack the higher the alt.
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