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    well i finally got all my parts delivered and im putting it together as tonight. of course one of the things on my mind is "will it handle SoW well?"

    here it is.
    Pentium 2.4 GHz Core2 quad
    4 gigs Corsair DDR2 ram
    ASUS P5K Deluxe mootherboard
    ASUS EAH 2900XT card
    Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II liquid cooling system

    and i plan on OCing it

    "Medium settings" right?
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    LOL if it doesn't run on medium settings at 40 to 60 fps on that rig, I wont buy it until 2010.

    Honestly if they multithread it properly you should be fine on the cpu side, a quad core is way overkill at the minute. Theyll be good for another 3/4 years.

    Weak point will be the gfx card which is excellent at the moment, but probably not in a years time. Just upgrade it or crossfire it when the time arises.

    Really though thats a kick arse system
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    Just fyi...I had trouble with the 2900XT m8. So much so that I went back to an X850XTPE I had laying around here for a backup card. I really feel that it is just too much card for an olf gaming engine. I have seen plenty of X1900XT's & XTX's & X1950 Crosfire Edition cards selling for less than $200 on eBay. I believe you would be better served in this sim with one of those instead of a 2900XT. Shoot, there are m8s around here running the sim with a 2900XT in Excellent Landscape just to get decent fr's. Doesn't make any sense to have a card that powerful and a rig to match only to have to run in excellent landscape.

    Now if you play other games besides this sim, then I am sure you will be served well by the 2900XT in those games.
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    you must understand that i didnt buy this rig for Il2, are u kidding me?

    my current rig runs IL2 great and its a 3.0gig P4 with a gf6800128mb card....

    no no no my friend, i bought it for Dx10 and SOW:BoB.
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    If your running WindowsXP you won't be able to use your 4GB of memory, only 2.5. I just wanted to say this as I didn't know if you were one of the folks who were ready to make the jump to Vista. Just so you know. I do believe there may be a way to "trick" it into using all 4GB but I cannot remember.

    PS Even my rig slows down a little when Il2 gets a bit "heavy" and I wish it ran a little better.
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