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    From my first couple of flights in the FW-190 I've learned that becoming capable in this fighter will certainly take some practice. Unlike a 109 it doesn't like the vertical and can stall VERY easily but it is fast, versatile, has an amazing roll rate and enough firepower to blow up the sun. So far I've become quite good at deflection shooting in it, assuming of course I can get lined up for a good shot; Offensive and Defensive ACM is quite troublesome for me, any 190 pilots out there with some tips on dogfighting in a 190?
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    Pretty basic stuff:

    - never drop speed below 450 km/h ( exeption beeing you in a vastly superior postition).

    - don't try to safe ammunition, you would have to fight for hours to use it

    - don't linger somewhere. Stalk your prey and move
    on if there are no targets to pick

    - never get down with Spits or Las or Yaks; you can stomp them with ease without danger: why fight?
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    raditor = 4
    pitch manual = 90 %

    keeps your engine running without overheat when you keep the speed up.
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    Dogfighting is not very healthy in FW-190.

    Speed is life.
    Do everything at higher speed. Climb, turn at higher speed. If you are slow in 190 everyone and his cousin can out fly you.
    After take off, fly away from the battle and allow yourself time to climb without overheating the engine. You don't want to get into a fight with a hot motor. Make sure your engine is cold and ready to fight when you get into fights.
    Always keep some altitude so you can dive if in danger, or to regain speed quick.
    190's are fast planes and you can in many occasions get away or drag your opponent to your team mates.
    In dogfights try to think different then in other planes. To attack or avoid an attack try to roll more then you turn. You can avoid a fast bounce by rolling and changing direction fast rather then just pulling hard on the stick.
    Practice deflection shooting from many different angles. Because almost all planes turn better then you, most of the time you won't get a clean six o'clock shot. So don't wait for that perfect shot, if you think that you have a chance to hit him shoot. You have a lot of guns and tons of ammo in 190's and you can sometimes kill a plane with one brief pass.
    Try to get to the fight above the rest of the planes. When you are not in direct combat climb or cool down your engine. Or both.
    If you have a lighter plane (Spitfire, Yak, La5/7) close on your six DON'T GO UP. This is how he'll chew you up. You go in a zoomclimb when you know you are much faster then him and have some distance.
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    Alright thanks.
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    Trimm the plane down helps a lot to keep speed. Tradeoff climb is less (without constant pull) but you can exchange speed for it.
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    Like everyone says, stay fast.

    And that basically means turn only when you need to. Turn to make a shot, dont turn to get into a position to make a shot. Stay fast, rads closed at all times in a combat area, unless you "need" to cool, 100% pitch at all times, switch to auto if you "need" to cool. For example in a dive, once you pass about 600km/h switch to auto pitch, you wont gain any speed staying in 100%, but you will cool your plane faster. Once level again, switch back to 100%, you'll stay much faster, much longer.

    Above all be patient. The mistake most pople make is trying to force a fight, instead of waiting for a good situation to develop itself. Dont run cowboy style into a furball, because your likely to get bounced from above, choose your targets wisely, swoop in pick them off, and keep moving. And if you dont get the kill on the first pass, resist the urge to try and "finish them off"(unless you "know" you are alone), one pass will often cripple an enemy ac, and make them rtb(even if you dont get the kill outright). Everything should be a "drive by shooting".

    Get alt when ever possible. With alt(or enough speed advantage) you can actually "fight" in it. But again, stay fast, zooms and climbs, never pull to hard or you'll just bleed more speed then you need to.

    Im a 190 pilot by trade its a hell of a ship, if you really understand its strengths/weeknesses. For noobs it will chew them up and spit them out, and send them running back to their spits/las, but once you get the hang of it, its as good or better then anything in the air hands down.
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    Some good advice here from some very good Fw 190 players.

    All I would add is play with your convergence - I set mine to 400m and it helps with head ons and deflection shots, find out the best supercharger height for each particular Fw 190 variant and know its best altitudes. At some heights your faster than your opponents at others your slower. Its not always best to run away at sea level depending on whats chasing you.

    Learn how to use the Fw 190s roll in close combat. Instead of turning with a bandit use the vertical and cut your opponents turn radius by rolling inside him then dive down and fire some lead in to his flight path if you do this correctly you can stay and fight with inexperienced Spitfire and La pilots indefinately because you are creating energy while climbing while they bleed energy by constantly turning. The trick of how to do very well in dogfights with the Fw 190 is to learn how to do this manuver effectvely. On the defensive run! close rads and trim down. Very few planes can stay with you in a long chase except the P 51 and the Tempest V. If you know you will definately be caught start rolling like mad. If you force an overshoot all you need is one gunnery opportunity and chances are the bandit will be fried.
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    Never forget that the objective of aerial combat is to kill the enemy, not to fight him.
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    So after a few more sorties in the Wulf I've noticed some common themes:

    1: I always come out of a fight between 500-1000m
    2: Assuming I can't outrun the attacker I get raped in defensive combat
    3: I almost always blow some poor *******s La-7 in two

    Common trends for 190 pilots?
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