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    Im planning on getting a new joystick. I just wanted to know which joystick does anyone have that gives them a stable flight.

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    CH Products here..

    Fighterstick + Pro Throttle + Pro Pedals ( all USB version )
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    I had a busted X-52 one of the early ones, it had several problems but worked kinda ok anyway I talked with Saitek and tried a few things no joy, so I sent it in and three weeks later I got a brand new one latest and greatest. Just paid the shipping. Now thats service...oh yeah..

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    I moved from the Logitech Wingman Extreeme 3D to the Saitek X45 to the Saitek X52.

    Each on of these has something to recommend it as well as flaws. You need to decide on what you are looking for(HOTAS, twisty stick, price, etc).

    When you know what you want, head to a store that carries it and try it out for fit and comfort. Remember your going to be holding this thing for hours at a time, so get one that feels comfortable.

    There is a lot of choice out there and you will find the perfect stick if you take some time and patience.
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    OT: redfeathers -nice pic in your avatar(?). I have the same one in my HD. Can't beat propaganda pics.
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    Thanks FlatSpinMan
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    Saitek X-52 or CH-Products
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