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    If you look at this video, during the part where Altair throws one of the guards into the platform and it collapses, the guard gets launched into the air. I found that to be pretty funny. Anyone else find anything funny other then the Altair flapping his hands like wings bonus?

    Exact time: 1:08 for the video.

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    yeah i always found that funny...hopefully that doesn't happen too often
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    Very nice find!
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    Yeah this was one of the early vids near e3 when it had a fair few bugs in; but they said they have worked hard to iron these out, from what ive heard they did a good job. On the demo video's I found it funny when Jade laughed nevously everytime a bug came up.
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    Hehe, that is funny...
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    Haha, I never noticed that.
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    rofl, that's awesome.
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