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    The trees in this game sway in the breeze (honest!).

    After a crash yesterday I was panning and zooming in external mode and I noticed a tree swaying. I thought at first that it must be the mouse that was moving, but after checking that it was still I noticed it was the tree that was moving.

    The only trees and bushes that move are the extra ones you get with the 'Perfect' setting in 'Landscape Detail'.
    The 'old' trees that are used in towns and populated areas don't sway!
    This only works in Perfect settings, and possibly only with object detail set to Excellent (and might only work with certain graphics cards).
    The ones that sway most are the 'birch' type which have several moving parts on each tree, though the tall pointed evergreens also move (the top is the only part that sways on these).
    The bushes also move slightly - this shows best on the smaller ones; though you have to get in quite close to notice it.

    Please let me know if you can see this too, I'd prefer to be told if I'm just imagining it!
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    If you wait a little longer, you'll see they begin to grow fruits

    yup the "perfect" trees and bushes are swaying. try to play the intro2 (or 3) ntrk - the japanese attack on Midway track - with forest=3. when the Zeros attacking, you can see the swaying bush right in front of your face...

    ...and obscuring the view of strafed Wildcats on the runway
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    Hmm will have to check that out.
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    Err.. forget the fruits...

    The running little men ate them all
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    good that this is discovered every once in a while

    i have never saw them (not-so-good-graphics-card), but the below threads prove you right:


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    " you can see the swaying bush right in front of your face...":
    Don't know about you but that sentence made me... Laugh so hard I was almost chit myself. All I could see was myself at "the Canadian Ballet" with dollar bills in my teeth..

    Da Worfster
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    Got track, Worf?
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    I had a video of this up just to prove it to all the dickheads but ive lost the upload link, if anyones interested lemme know.
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    guys listen.... this feature was present already when the first release of IL2-FB 1.0 but since then, in later patches, the developers had to tweak the trees effect because it was causing problems for on-line play.

    but when IL2-FB was first released(1.0) that effect was the best because the trees moved way more realistic than what you see now.

    for example:
    when siting on a runway, one could clearly see the tips of pine trees moving independent from eachother and it gave you a feeling that
    it was windy outside while you were just sitting inside the cockpit.

    but the tree effect i liked more of all in 1.0
    (before they had to cut them off) was that one could actually see trees sway in breez while flying over them. As one were flying with strong winds.

    now THAT was an incredible effect.
    Awseom when flying ground attack missions with the IL2

    actually I took that effect(since it was so pronounced) to make up for the poor flight models when FB first released.

    then in later patches the developers actually
    CUT off the tree sway effect completelly,i guess
    they were figuring out how to re-add the effect
    so it wouldt affect on-line play.

    thats what we have today. I even requested ones in this forum for the developers to allow me to switch the trees to 1.0 effect because it was so feakin cool..but you know how that goes.

    hope BOB will have that candy again
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    You guys!
    I tell ya!
    Spoiled little brats!
    You have no idea how good you really have it here do you!
    Better patches every other month,
    particle effect when you fly low.
    dynamic crashes and black outs!
    trees that move!
    Vibrent environmnet!
    you know how much eye candy this game has!
    I use to be a x plane nut untill i found this game!
    haven't gone back since!
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