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    Information extracted from page 79 of AIR27/1087 held at the PRO at Kew, London.

    At 17.50 hrs on the 9th May 1943, Blue Section of No. 165 (Ceylon) Squadron comprising of F/L A. F. Roscoe in Spitfire Vb BM515 (SK-T) and Sgt B. R. Scaman in Spitfire Vb AB921 (SK-X) got airborne from RAF Dyce under Peterhead Sector Control (F/L G. S. Crimp) to investigate a "Plot". The raider was pointed due east of Peterhead but turned south down the coast of Scotland, eventually orbitting a few miles NE of Dyce. During this time the fighters were vectored onto it, and upon visual contact, identified the intruder as a Ju 88. Upon the approach of the Spitfire pair the enemy aircraft lowered its undercarriage, fired off verey lights and waggled its wings. Blue 1 replied in a similar manner, flew ahead of the enemy aircraft to lead it into Dyce and ordered Blue 2 to take up position behind and above the Junkers as safeguard any attempt to escape.
    Thus the formation recovered, line astern, to Dyce where they all landed safely, the whole operation had taken no more than thirty minutes. The Controller is to be congratulated for his quick appreciation of the possibilities of the affair and for his able handling of the situation and the pilots for withholding fire and so bringing home a valuable prize for the Technical and Scientific Services to examine and evaluate.
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    It's still around, at the RAF museum, Hendon.

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