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    As promised..


    EZ Downloads
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    The Pic says it all ... Get it here ---> EZ Downloads

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    A race with a twist.. A race where you can actually use your weapons to take that pole position back

    Ever heard the term "Try it, you might like it"?
    Now up for download..

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    Now up for download..

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    This mission has eight BF109 pilots, escorting four He111, which are attempting to land at an atomic test facility and then takeoff before the facility explodes. The journey is then only half over with a trip to a populated airfield to bring the scientists to safety.

    Now available for download..

    Same location as the rest ---> EZ Downloads

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    S~ Fellow pilots

    I've finally finished the sixth and final mission for my "Ghostship" series, and some editing to the older versions.

    The story...

    The Nazi's paranormal division has come up with a plan that quickly spirals out of control, with no help from the enemy.

    Conjured from the unknown, a ghostship appears and has the Germans racing to figure out how to harness it before the allies find out what they've created.

    Hope you all like it..

    Note: None of these pictures have been edited in any way, other than adding text to the first one. It's all in the mission The last pic of the green grass and airfield happened just as the mission loaded, for that fraction of a second.. was cool looking imho.

    EZ Downloads

    EZ Downloads
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    Christmas Presents..
    Click the presents to open them.

    From: ME
    To: You

    For those into multiplayer missions...

    For those into single player missions...

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    Thanks for the presents EZ they were a very cool gesture.

    Check out the <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">"Seasons Greetings from M4T"</span> section near the top of the M4T Homepage.
    M4T Homepage: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php

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    Oh coool! heh.
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