Oh come on - the 190 has some of the best fidelity of any plane in the simm - it is the only plane modeled to factory specs and many changes were made to it as a direct result of user input. In the originial IL2 the 109g6as was the best dogfighter in the simm - the 190a5 certainly one of the best (I flew it exclusively). Currently the 190a9, flown with a lick of sense, is more than a match for anything but a well flown 262.
In fact the 190s are now better than they ever were. Look how quickly and radically the 190 was changed after FB came out. I do not know how you can rationalize any argument that asserts bias - your logic is not experientially supported - at least not from my perspective.

As to possible flaws or uncounted variables in the physics engine resulting in unforseen performance changes - seems possible to me. Or even just missing something in beta - no big deal.