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    I decided to ask you people since I've been discussing this question with my girlfriend and we failed to come to any sort of conclusion.

    Why do so many hold an interest in WWII out of all the wars that have taken place/are taking place?

    Why out of all the historic wars do we find WWII so fascinating? What about WWI? I get the feeling that that war and others come in second place regarding interest. And the recent ones? Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, the Balkans, Africa, Iraq? Do these fail to intrigue since they didn't span the globe?

    Does WWII keep our interest because we can romanticize about it? The "good" winning over the "evil", a "clean war" without tons of landmines and ABC-weapons (well...), it's in recent memory with veterans still alive to tell the stories. And why do we fail to give proper attention to all the recent wars? Does it hurt our conciences too much to think about it?

    I personnaly think it's a combination of all this. There's lots of information available, we're told about it from childhood and it also allows us to play games (I know I played with toy soldiers and played war with my friends) and imagine being a pilot for instance. I also can admit that I fail to give proper attention to all the recent wars because I see lots of hurt people every day and I don't want to think about more people in pain when I can't be there to help them.

    What are your thoughts on this? (Sorry for the inadvertent rant...)
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    There are a number of reasons.

    1. The scope... the sheer size of it all meant that there were few places of peoples left "untouched" by it all.

    2. Your parents or grandparents, depending on your age, probably fought in that war or lived through it. Oral history, uniforms etc.. strong stuff.

    3. It was the first true "movie war". Much like Viet Nam was the first "Television War" WWII was the first "movie war". Hollywood enlisted en masse you had newsreel footage, films etc... almost before Pearl Harbor had stopped smoking.
    Me I was raised on a steady diet of WWII movies as a kid. You can't watch Howard Hawks "Air Force" 60 plust times and not be affected by it.

    4. It was/is the last "good war". No ambiguity about this one. Kill those bastards or they're sure enough gonna come here and kill you.

    Those are my reasons for my fascination with it, but I must admit I'm almost as big a Civil War buff too.

    Da Worfster
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    For me it has a lot to do with technology. Almost everything we use in todays military got its start or was greatly accelerated because of WWII. Ballistic missles, jet airplanes, SAMs, radar, aircraft carriers, cruise missles, atomic weapons, helos, ect. There is also a great deal of awesome quotes that are used in everyday conversations. My fasination started when I was very young. I can't really explain why WWII sticks out like that. I guess everyone has their reasons.
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    According to Sigmund Freud have men easy to aggression.

    And he said "All men are heroes in their dreams"
    War is a good arena for heroes.

    Its more correct to be a hero and kill in a war that stood against a terrible dictator like hitler and his gang.

    It would be more doubtful to be a hero for example the indian wars where technically superior and overwhelming in force US cavalary slaughtered an indian tribe.
    Another reason is that militarism and heroism is more easy for men to accept, than it is for women, and our society is dominated by male thoughts.
    The Sims is very popular by females. They dont kill each other so much in Sims, dont they?
    No war is clean and after a while the horror is forgotten.
    A cant understand how the Viet Nahm war can be the place for a game.
    The worlds greatest military and economical power to part in an post-colonial war.
    To the costs of bilions of dollars, thousands of traumatized soldiers three million civilians killed.
    Ecological disaster over many years, today impossible to overlook.
    Corean war was different.
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    It was decisive. Most wars are not. WWI is an excellent example. If WWI had been decisive, there would have been no WWII.
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    Most modern wars have very vague or doubtful reasons for starting and have uncertain conclusions. People are still figuring out whether the war truly ended or who won. With WW II there is no doubt : the war was to stop fascism or militarism (in the Pacific), the "bad guys" struck the first blow so the victors were responding to an attack against them, and the there was a definite conclusion (VE day and VJ day).

    As some have said, the sheer scope of the fighting was a big factor too.

    Also, with any good story, the cast of characters helped a lot too. WW II had some of the most colorful personalities of any war.
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    Because many who experianced it are still alive and thier stories still make the rounds.
    The war touched everyone on the planet in one way or another, and untill all those people are gone the intrest won't ease.

    I still remember the hoopla and rehashing of stories after the death of the last survivor of the civil war in the 1960's I believe.

    Its a war that changed everything, the world was a very different place at its end. the old sociaty was the wars 1st casualty.
    Changes that drastic leave a lasting impression.
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    Me personaly,

    Its not too primative, and not too High tech. Just about right, for being interesting.
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    I always had a passion for history and planes... IMO, WWII is the place where both get togheter in an outstanding manner...
    Other wars.. oh, well, the others explained the reasons already. Modern wars (post-WWII, with the exception of the "6-days war" wich i find it another fascinating story) just don't have a real motivation behind them... too much politics...
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    Aviation and war in general are my thing. I'm a much bigger WW1 air war fan than I am a WW2 air war fan, but there's no good aviation sim that can beat this.
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