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    I came across this review done by [H]OCP so I thought I'll share it with you guy's. It's more about the graphics performance then actually the game.

    Below some fragments out of the review:

    Originally posted by [H]OCP:

    On Stability

    Few things annoy PC gamers (or even console gamers) more than unstable games. Unstable is precisely the word we would use to describe Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 when we played it on AMD's video cards. We have two AMD video cards in this evaluation, and we experienced frequent, if not constant, crash-to-desktop issues with both of them. At first, we hoped that it might have been a CrossFire issue with the Radeon HD 3870 X2, but when we installed the Radeon HD 3870, and we had the same crashes, that hope faded. The good news is, the game rarely crashed during the playing of a mission. More frequently, it dumped us to the desktop when we tried to change a video setting, or when we tried to quit a mission back to the main menu, or sometimes even just pressing the escape key to bring up the game' menu. It was a frustrating experience, to say the least.

    Note that these crashes did not happen when we had NVIDIA's video cards in our test system. Hopefully a driver update will resolve them.
    Well, I had the above also but I'm running two Nvidia 8800GTX Cards in SLI. I must say that the game didn't hang with me anymore after the latest patch. But also I have a feeling that this before only occured when one of our clan members joined the game I hosted. Only when that guy was connected I had the issue. I can't confirm if this is really the case because he already stopped playing Vegas 2 for the allknow reasons...

    Originally posted by [H]OCP:

    Brent's Thoughts:

    We wanted to evaluate the gameplay experience in this game for a couple of important reasons. First and foremost, this game uses a modified Unreal Engine 3. As we have found out in Unreal Tournament 3, in our past testing, the Unreal Engine 3 technology has been severely underwhelming from a graphics standpoint. There was hope of a DX10 patch for UT3 which has never come to pass. One of the caveats with UT3 has been the fact that it did not support antialiasing out of the box. Thanks to NVIDIA's and AMD's driver teams we can now force AA from the driver control panel in UT3. When we heard of the fact that Vegas 2 was going to utilize a modified UE3 engine we knew we wanted to explore that game to see if there would be DX10 support, to see if there would be AA support and to generally see how it compared to UT3's graphics.

    Upon evaluating this game we are disappointed in the lack of DX10 support, but that is OK in this situation because we finally have a game that uses the UE3 engine supporting AA out of the box. We were very happy to find in-game selections for AA; finally AA is not being ignored in a UE3 backed game. While we don't exactly know what sample rate each setting is utilizing, the benefits to image quality are real. Looking at image quality as a whole, this game supports all the graphical features that UT3 exhibits, with no surprises. This game looks very similar in style with the use of shadows, lighting and motion blur. What we've also found is just how "awesome" this engine runs on current hardware. Even the cheap GeForce 9600 GT which can be had under $150 can run this game in widescreen with the highest in-game settings.

    Due to popularity of this game (which seems to be slipping now, was at #5 last week) we were contemplating using it in future evaluations. However, just like UT3, it plays so well even on cheap video cards and wouldn't really tell us much in performance comparisons. That is good news, and bad news. It is bad news for us because it means one more game that really doesn't help us compare video cards, but it is good news to gamers because here is a game you can run with the highest in-game settings and experience it as the developer intended on very affordable graphics hardware. It does seem though from watching the game sells charts that its position is waning from popularity. At any rate, users of any current generation video card will have an enjoyable gameplay experience with this game.

    The Bottom Line

    If you like a little more action than "tactical" in your tactical shooter, then Rainbow Six Vegas 2 may be the game for you. The visual style is somewhat spartan in areas, favoring clean looks over densely detailed graphics. It uses Epic's Unreal Engine 3, which performs remarkably well on a wide variety of video cards. It is essentially the same gameplay as the original Rainbow Six Vegas from 2006, but with some additional features, such as a ranking system, an improved matchmaking service, and destructible objects such as propane canisters and explosive red barrels. So if you liked Vegas 1, chances are you will probably like Vegas 2. On the other hand, if you didn't like Vegas 1, the sequel will likely offer you no reasons to be interested.

    If you already have a GeForce 8800 or newer series video card, or a Radeon HD 3800 series video card, you are already all set to play this game. If you are looking for something new, you will get the most value out of an NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT. You can find an ASUS EN9600GT for a mere $129.99 at Newegg after rebate. TigerDirect has a Palit model for only $119.99 after MIR. If AMD's ATI Radeon HD 3870 was but a little bit less expensive, and Vegas 2 was a little more stable while running it, we would heartily recommend that video card as well. But as it stands, Vegas 2 crashes frequently with AMD video cards, and the Radeon HD 3870 is still, on average, more expensive than the GeForce 9600 GT.
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    -If you like a little more action than "tactical" in your tactical shooter


    And the "tactical" part in this "game" would beeee....?
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    So, hard ocp liked the pretty pictures but thought the stability sucked like a 18 year old ****** huh?
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    Originally posted by AlmightyMike:
    -If you like a little more action than "tactical" in your tactical shooter


    And the "tactical" part in this "game" would beeee....?
    3rd person cover?

    Anyways, that's why he said there was more action than tactical.
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    Allright since appearently short oneline questions seem to be confusing i shall try to explain my opinion a bit further

    (appologize for my bad english)...

    Imo V2 is NOT a tactical shooter and in fact Action shooter or simply FPS would be indeed more appropiate.

    The Op wrote:
    If you like a little more action than "tactical" in your tactical shooter, then Rainbow Six Vegas 2 may be the game for you

    Clearly stating this game IS a Tactical shooter with a bit more action

    The "tactical" part in Vegas T-Hunt for example however consist of the following:

    Move forward and shoot or spawntrigger the first or nearest npc, stay in cover and shoot all incomings untill said spawn is dead, then move to the next spawntrigger and repeat procedure....rinse and repeat untill the whole map is clear.

    Now...i dont know about what other people consider "tactical" but im sure as hell do not consider this as such.

    One may as well call CoD or roughly any other similar type of game a "tactical" shooter because this is exactly how any other FPS or action shooters play.

    In the original games it was very well possible to setup a team in a way one could even move from one side of the map to the other without even killing a single npc.

    There were even missions in which you actually had to sneak inside a building unarmed to place a phonebug or spycam at a certain place, getting detected by the guard had to be avoided but even if that happend it didnt automatically meant the mission was a failure. Once a tango was on "alert" mode, the player just had to make sure he stayed unseen untill the situation cooled down and you could proceed.
    If you killed a tango however it was gameover because that would compromise any folowing missions.

    Does that sound like Vegas to anyone?

    So (again)in my opinion Vegas is NOT a tactical shooter with a bit more action but indeed just an Action shooter or FPS


    There is nothing wrong with Action shooters
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    The problem is is that Vegas is marketed as a tactical shooter.
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    Problem with that site as a game review site is and lately as a tech site, there can be no creedence given into anything they do anymore, used to be a great site but not anymore. On the other hand they will always hand down a honest review of whatever it is they are reviewing.
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    Co-op Terrorist Hunt in Vegas 2 is about as tactical as the Serious Sam series of games.

    At least in all the Serious Sam games, the enemy doesn't spawn right on top of you .. before or after you have cleared an area!
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    Originally posted by GSG_9_Rage:
    The problem is is that Vegas is marketed as a tactical shooter.
    Rainbow Six "used" to be tactical, before the Vegas story came with all the other screw ups. It's just such a shame this series has to end like that... Because like Ubisoft is add it, I doubt it will ever become a real Rainbow Six game again.
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