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    S! Everyone,

    I've just finished uploading my first pack for the P-40M at Flying-Legends(third try's the charm I hope). It contains four P-40s representing those flown by the first all-black unit in the USAAF to see frontline service. You can get it here:


    Here's some thing about the pack while you wait(It's all in the readme, but if you're not convinced, btw, pictures at the bottom):

    If you ask almost anyone about the Tuskegee Airmen, they'll shoot back real quick about red-tailed
    P-51s and the like. Indeed, the exploits and combat record of the 332nd Fighter Group was impecable,
    and unmatched in WWII. But, don't forget, before they were the 332nd FG, they were just the 99th FS,
    flying the "obsolete" P-40F and P-40L Warhawk and hopping from FG to FG in the Med. Flying their
    first mission on 2 June 1943, the 99th consisted entirely of black personel and was commanded by
    Maj Benjamin O'Davis Jr. Their first aerial combat came on 9 June 1943, but provided no victories.
    However, on 2 July 1943, 1Lt Charles B. Hall scorred the first "Tuskegee" victory by downing an
    Fw-190 over Sicily.

    Unfortunately, opposition to the 99th didn't just come from the Germans. In late 1943, the original
    host unit of the 99th, the 33rd FG, sent an unflattering report on the combat effectivness of its
    black pilots(this report was signed by Col. William Moymer, CO of the 33rd FG). Command of the
    99th was given to Maj George S. Roberts while Maj O'Davis was in Washington fighting to keep the
    squadron alive.

    On 27 Jan 1944, however, the pilots of the 99th did the talking. While patroling over the allied
    invasion at Anzio, a group of 15 99th P-40s attacked 16 Fw-190s. Five 190s were downed by the
    black pilots with no losses. Later in the day, three more German fighters were shot down, but with
    the loss of two 99th P-40s. By the time the aerial threat to Anzio had subsided at the end of
    February 1944, the 99th had worked its way to becoming to top scoring allied unit over the beachhead,
    with 16 victories. Throughout their tenure in P-40s, the 99th scored 17 victories before their
    transition to the P-47, and later the P-51 with the 332nd FG. I was flying their Red Tail P-51s
    that the 99th truly came to fame, but their early beginnings often seemed pased over.

    The Skins:

    The first P-40 depicted here is P-40L-15, 42-10855 coded A33 and was flown by 1Lt Robert W. Deiz
    on the 27 Jan mission. On that mission, while flying this aircraft, Deiz knocked down a 190. While
    flying a different P-40, Deiz shot down another enemy the next day. After returning to the U.S. Deiz
    volunteered to return to combat with the 477th BG, but the war ended before the unit was put in combat.

    The second aircraft is P-40L-1, 42-10499, coded A10 and named "Africa Special" originally of the
    58th FS/33rd FG. Some of this units orignal markings can be seen, including the American flag, as
    well as the wing and tail stripes. This aircraft suffered some form of accident at Capodichino, Italy
    while the 99th FS was attached to the 79th FG in late 1943, pilot unkown, nose art may not be 100%
    historically accurate.

    The third aircraft is P-40L-15, 42-1088 coded A17 and was flown by 1Lt Herman "Ace" Lawson. Lawson
    scored one probable durring the 27 Jan mission. This aircraft is depicted as it was in 1943, while
    attached to the 79 FG in Madna, Italy. Lawson later led missions over Germany when the 99th was
    attached to the all-black 332nd Fighter Group.

    Finally, the fourth aircraft is P-40L-?? 42-1481(??) coded A19 and was flown by Lt Charles P. Bailey
    sometime after the 27 Jan mission. Bailey also scored a 190 over Anzio on the 27 Jan mission. The
    aircraft is named "Josephine" after Bailey's mother. The code and serial number may be innaccurate
    for this aircraft. Bailey flew 133 missions, was awarded the Air Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters
    and was also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in May of 1945. He finished with two aerial
    victories, one in the P-40 and one in the P-51.

    To make it short, this is my tribute to the brave men and women(if no actual personel, the wives, mothers, sisters, and so forth, for behind every great man is a better woman)who made this happen!

    And here are the screens, be advised, not all of these can be verified as 100% accurate, more in the readme about this:

    So much for two weeks SeaNorris

    I hope you all enjoy them!

    S! Slater
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    Looks nice. Thanks.
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    Originally posted by Slater_51st:
    So much for two weeks SeaNorris
    S! Slater
    WOW! Those two weeks flew over
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    what!? No black pilot skins!?!?
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    Very nice work. We have some generic ones on our site and of course our individual squad planes...I like the weathered look on yours. I see you have Diez' plane... and you got the serial numbers right too... very nice indeed.
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    Cheers mate - I'll be downloading those babies tomorrow
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    Nice work!
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    Originally posted by danjama:
    what!? No black pilot skins!?!?

    Ah, but look carefully, the pilots are from Aces High's Tuskegee Airmen packs I knew I forgot to thank someone in my readme So thanks Aces High, pilot skins are top notch!

    S! Slater
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