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    Developer Update: December Arrives

    Welcome to December, New Kids! I’m your Community Lead, Toller, and I’ve got all the news you need to know this week about South Park: Phone Destroyer!

    Here is the Weekly Timetable


    The one and only Towelie shall get our week moving for us! He’s got a two-day long Token Collection event for you to enjoy, so go on out there and grab a towel if you need one! He’ll be waiting near the end of the solo path.

    After that event ends we’re turning the dial to 24-hour events for the middle of the week. Wednesday will feature a one day Mission Event and Thursday will be a one day Token Collection event. If you’re looking for upgrade materials, this will be an excellent time to try and grab some!

    Of course no Wednesday/Thursday combo would be complete without a trip into Chaos! This week’s Chaos Mode will be the tried and true tournament mode, which means your New Kids will be boosted for battle to level 19, and all cards will be raised to special levels based on their rarity. Commons will be level 6, Rares will be level 5, Epics will be level 4 and all legendaries will be level 3.

    I also wanted to make a note here for you all that we are working on solutions to the Error 200 bug that players often run into during chaos mode. The team is in the middle of investigations now and we hope to have solutions in place as soon as we can. Thank you to everyone for your reports and your patience!

    Finally we’ll wrap the week up with a very special Weekend Card Event. The mysterious visitors have been called from the skies to come down and enjoy being in the spotlight for once. It’s not often these strangers from space are focused on, so if you’ve been looking for a chance to snag some copies for your collection, this event will be what you’ve been waiting for! As is tradition, you’ll find them in the solo path, so best of luck to you all.

    Here is the list of cards that will be available for this event:

    • Sixth Element Randy
    • Mintberry Crunch
    • Cyborg Kenny
    • Swashbuckler Red
    • Commander Hat
    • Classi
    • Visitors
    • Jesus
    • Infiltrator Kevin
    • Chicken Coop
    • Four-Assed Monkey
    • Ice Sniper Wendy
    • Alien Clyde

    Here are all the point totals for this week’s events:


    UPDATE: Due to the delay with our Android update, the balance changes for Android users will be on hold until that update also goes through as they need each other to work properly. I'll keep you informed as the situation evolves!

    A general reminder that balance changes will be going live tomorrow, Tuesday the 7th, so here are all the cards that will be changing, in case you didn’t get to see them last week:


    Losing in popularity, we wanted to target Mimsy to both give him a pick-up, but also to give more tank choices. With this change, Mimsy has a better chance to reach the enemy New Kid rather than die trying.

    Movement Speed: 0.630 to 0.675 (7%)


    Dogpoo has been the default fighter in everyone’s deck. Here, we are emphasizing the hard but slow hits while rounding down his power to give other fighters a chance to be in your deck.

    Attack: 80 to 85 (6%)

    Time Between Attacks: 2.1 to 2.3(10%)

    DPS: 38.1 to 37 (-3%)

    Scout Ike

    Scout Ike’s earlier buff has caused a greater impact than we anticipated. With this change Ike’s reliable damage is toned down while making the mana gain fantasy stronger.
    Attack: 75 to 59 (-21%)

    Time Between Attacks: 2 to 1.9 (-5%)

    DPS: 37.5to 31.1 (-17%)

    Health: 75 to 71 (-5%)


    Considering that Toolshed’s main damage output comes from his trap, this change shouldn’t change how you play him, but does pull him towards other fighters when it comes to overall strength.

    Attack: 57 to 40 (-30%)

    We’re also taking an in-depth look into Member Berries as we have been following your comments on that card very closely. We agree that it does need some adjustment, so they are on the list for the New Year!


    Looking for other Phone Destroyers to talk about these changes with, as well as other topics? Check out our official Discord Channel! Please feel free to head on over and join the conversations. Just click HERE


    We’re trying something new with our Battle Passes as we move into the calm of the holiday season. This month the Battle Pass will not focus on any one card in particular, but will instead be more generalized. It will begin on Friday this week, the 10th, and run for 28 days after that. We look forward to what you think of this change!

    I just have one final piece of news for you before I hit post for the week, so here it is! We rolled out a small update last week on iOS devices, but not on Android devices just yet. We had to finish some minor details before launching that version to make sure all was working correctly, which has been finished up now.

    UPDATE: Scratch that, it looks like our Google Update has been delayed again. We are working on getting that out for you ASAP, and the teams involved are keeping me in the loop so that I can let you all know as soon as it’s ready. Thank you for your patience.

    That’s everything from me and the rest of the team for this week! I wish you all the best of luck in your battles this week. Have a great time in South Park!

    Hearts and Hugs,
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    So what happened to this weeks team wars? There is no voting screen, just says NO WAR. Is the team aware of this?
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    yeah, that small update of 0.5 gb has completely ruined my gaming experience. need a fix for the update ASAP.
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    Big ol’ elephant in the room that evidently isn’t being addressed. What’s the deal with this week’s Team Wars?
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    Hi Toller, thanks for the update!

    It seems there is a bug with the actual team war. Votes are not available. Any news about it?
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    excuse me but it appears to me that there are no clan wars
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    Thank you

    Thank you for working on bug resolution.

    Can we expect a fix for Thunderbird and Kyle + Wendy shield in the future ?

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    Excuse me, Sir, but the big ol' elephant in the room clearly isn't the weekly TvT bug (feature)... it's Nelly.
    We need her to be a 5 cost. She is just ruining the gameplay experience for everyone, it's just not fun playing against such OP cards.
    I really hope redlynx does something about her.
    Also, make member berries a 4 cost.
    Thank you.
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    Originally Posted by Tukerjobs Go to original post
    Excuse me, Sir, but the big ol' elephant in the room clearly isn't the weekly TvT bug (feature)... it's Nelly.
    We need her to be a 5 cost. She is just ruining the gameplay experience for everyone, it's just not fun playing against such OP cards.
    I really hope redlynx does something about her.
    Also, make member berries a 4 cost.
    Thank you.
    You complain that Nelly ruins the game experience but you ask for a reduction of the memberrie cost?

    Are you ok ? x)
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    Mañana vuelven con todo los derankers
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