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    Bring the Crunch bugs

    1. Follow Nathan to the Lake Pier
    When the battle starts white screen appears, can't finish the quest.
    2. Encounter in the Misty forest - 2 bugs. First I can't take the 3 feather from the ground. The second is that there's no more birds to hit.
    PC version.
    Everything is in the video:

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    Ubi-Mushy's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi there, I'm sorry to see you encountered these issues! Thank you for reaching out with this report and including that video.

    Have you completed any troubleshooting for this issue? I recommend verifying your files and running through our PC troubleshooting guide to help clear any potential conflicts.

    If either issue persists after completing those steps, please update this thread so we can get this reported to the team.
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