There are params as fog factor, wave factor, light factor and so on. So, as i found, Ducimus, in hes topic about, talk that "Fog/light/wave factors. Think of them as enviormental dampeners, or how much the environment handicaps the AI. Smaller the number the less the handycap, the larger the number, the more the handycap" In hydrophone section he talk "waves factor is your standard enviormental handycap. 0.5 being quite the handycap, 0.95 being barely a handycap at all."
On the other side in sim.cfg TWoS file TheDarkWraith written for that " lower values than 1 make it harder for AI to detect you" in each section except visual.

So, i'm confused, or for visual settings and all other there are different methods of calculation, or... and here is the question: what method of calculating handicaps uses - addition or multiplication? Its important, because one way lowering values help AI and other help a player.