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    Ubisoft+ subscription failed AFTER payment (account reactivation)

    How come that a company the size of Ubisoft cannot manage Card transactions?
    This morning I re-subscribed to Ubisoft+ and was able to start playing. This evening my subscription is suspended and I need to update my Credit Card details?!
    07:49 CET today 8th of November 149 SEK was reserved, the same time I received an email with a receipt. Later today at 16:39 CET I have received an email that stated I need to update my payment method. When I check my bank, there are funds on the card, I can see that the 149 SEK was reserved, and then in the afternoon, the 149 SEK was refunded.

    The EXACT same thing happened the first time I subscribed to Ubisoft+ and it took a few days to be able to start playing before you had sorted things out. So how come I cannot play? My money was refunded and now I have "re-validated" my payment option but am still unable to play. Experiences like this just put me off and question if I actually want to be a Ubisoft customer.
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    Hi NirwelSwe,

    Welcome to the forums.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced issues with your Ubisoft+ subscription.

    I'm afraid that we are unable to assist with Ubisoft+ subscription issues via the forum.

    I can see that Customer Support has responded to your support ticket. If you have any further issues or questions then please respond to your support ticket.
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