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    LFG for both Wildlands and Breakpoint - EU, GMT+2.


    I'm looking for people to play either Wildlands and/or Breakpoint. I'd love to try my hand at milsim but in general I just care about an immersive experience, not just running and gunnig everywhere. I'm also willing to schedule through different time-zones as long as server connection wouldn't be terrible(dunno how that works for GR games).

    Discord: ivanguliashki#1760.
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    Ivan, unfortunately we are on pause now (long story related to a pc upgrade I tried to do in the wrong moment) but we are alive and planning to continue, we are willing to play GRW (progressing from our No HUD ghost mode campaign at which we are around 20% we are trying to find Players, real ones not random ones, casual but enough passionate to make an effort in joining as a team through the campaign), and be advised consider that our approach could feel heavy if you are new to flashing out deeply a game and not accustomed to simulation or realism.

    We do play also else however we are looking to build a team of tactical friends who are really caring for qualitative experience and I have been dedicated a lot at trying to do this since 2019 after many years of experience. I always wanted to find team mates one can count on.

    Anyway these are long stories too, unnecessary now.

    We are based on PC and in EU but we accept anyone as long as there is respect, maturity and yes, unfortunately for this campaign and also other type of experiences we need passionate people about tactics, milsim, immersion, the challenge of high difficulty and coordination, team play, realistic comms etc.

    We aim at doing stuff like Task Force Neptune, F.i.s.t. TSC, SMokeTv ...

    There is a mix of role play, house rules, punishing settings someone would say, no over powering at all.

    What we are planning now to add despite too much fantasy is in that "game" (breakpoint) is maintaining focus on dismantling the cartel in Bolivia with a true and realistic strategy (way we are following since the beginning in 2019, we would like to deploy sometimes as the same ppl in Bolivia (infil exfil tier 1 stuff) and also play GRB as the fellow 5th SFG members who are stranded there... applying just a simple narrative common ground: that events are contemporary with Bolivian events, not 2025 based.

    This jumping every now and then into GRB story progression still maintaining canon (and when playing as those stranded there ) would allow to create a deeper experience that NOBODY is applying to their game experience in GR.

    See ya.

    You can find NHT on twitter, steam group Hud Zero or our HQ on discord. Also here through my profile you can get all the coordinates...
    We do not look for people who want everything ready and handholding, it's the opposite of how we interpret playing games.
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