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    Antti Ilvessuo has left RedLynx

    Hey, I donít like work for the company or anything, but Antti posted on his page that he left RedLynx. Iím not sure why there was no official announcement or what that means for the future of the series.

    This was Anttiís Facebook post on 8/12

    After 20+ years, itís time to move on to new adventures. My last day at Redlynx is the last day of August.

    Huge thanks to all people worked/met/talked/chatted/laughed/argued/planned/clowndived/saunaíd and wrestled with!

    We may all look back and see Portrait of a Young Man on old images. The next step is to be there. Make most of your End of time.

    I will continue to make games within the ever-changing landscape of this crazy industry. Who knows what type of games will emerge? Itís exciting to be looking to the time after the present.

    Making games is a team effort and we all got a lot of things done! (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:RedLynx_games) (thx for anonymous who listed a few in a wiki)

    It's not a final goodbye. And whether it's a month, or a year, or even a decade, making new things will happen. Maybe even Midday in the Year 2113 on the first Sat of AugustÖ
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    ☹️ this is very sad news, the forums are a ghost town and now this kinda indicates the end of trials I feel, I really hope this isnít the case but Iíve never seen trials so dead in over ten years. There is hope still but it is fading fast, sad times ☹️
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