I copied this message of mine from a ticket from Ubisoft Support. Because I got the answer to put it here for the Community Manager and the Development Team.

Hello, two weeks ago I wrote you feedback (as a Ubisoft Support Ticket) that the players would very much like a new game Splinter Cell. Today, exactly two weeks later, I read that a new game Splinter Cell is coming. Is it also in response to the fact that I wrote feedback to support that the players really want this game?

But I didn't want to write about it primarily.

I wanted to give you some of my important ideas and write for the new Splinter Cell game, if it's true and the new Splinter Cell game really will be.

Don't put the Gear Level system in the game, this doesn't really belong in the Splinter Cell game, on the contrary, it would be quite harmful to such a game. The BLACKLIST episode was well thought out, an aircraft as a base that could be upgraded. The game was mostly realistic. The possibility of lethal and a non-lethal melee attack was also very good. More options in COOP mode compared to Single Player mode. Lots of weapons and the possibility of their modifications, was also great.

Being you, I would think more about the larger area where the missions will take place, not Open World game, but larger areas (city, base, house etc.). To make more options for these missions and also to make more options for tactics. Also, to be able to disguise Sam Fischer as a local resident so that his enemies would not notice him.
In the episode Blacklist there was one mission where there was an attacking drone which cleared the way in front of Sam. I would allow this drone to work in many missions, as an "item" to use, as a support call, but it would have to be paid for.

In the Double Agent episode, Sam worked for Echelon and for the JBA (terrorist organization). And Sam was a double agent. This could also be in the new game. In order for Sam, depending on his secrecy, to do tasks for both Terrorists and Echelon.
Also so that the player has to make a decision. For example, who will be rescued, who will be killed, whether a button is pressed or not, what will be destroyed or not.

If Sam had a plane as a base again (Paladin). So the possibility of parachuting from this aircraft to the place of the mission would certainly be a big news for the game.

Because the game is also dependent on the voice of Michael Ironside. I would consider introducing a new character to the new game, which would be for the future of the game. Because Sam belongs to Michael Ironside. And given Mr. Ironside's age, it would be good for the future of this game to have a new character (a new agent in the game) already in reserve. And a new character could be introduced by the new game Splinter Cell.

I think that's all from me for today, but I will definitely have other ideas for this game.

With Regards