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    Can I just delete my save data to resign in to my unisoft account for my switch game?

    So I have the south park fractured but whole on my switch as well as my PC but for my switch I linked it a while ago and I dont know what email I linked it to and it wont let me sign out on my switch game. How would I go about unlinking the game when I do not have it in my devices for my account? If I just delete the save data off my nintendo switch would that reset it so I can link this account to it?
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    Hey Emmaree, thanks for reaching out about this. I understand you need to unlink your Switch from your Ubi account, and I'll be happy to advise you!

    I can't do it directly from here on the forums, because we'd need to do some verification steps first that are best done one-to-one via our other support channels. You can reach out to us via our support website, or via Facebook PM or Twitter DM. If contacting us on Twitter or Facebook, please include any Ubisoft Connect usernames or email addresses you may have used, so we can more easily find your account.

    Let me know if you have any trouble getting in touch!
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