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    Pixelated Graphics


    I've purchased Settlers III History Edition tonight, hoping to achieve better quality of graphics and gaming general, considering I'd be able to costumize the configuraions.
    However, I'm experiencing the contrary outcome towards the graphics!

    I also own Settlers III: Ultimate Collection, which was purchased years ago from another website and while that version looks much smoother than the History Edition one, History Edition looks absolutely pixelated. Just now, I kept opening both versions one after the other and comparing them, so I am sure the Ultimate Collection does actually look better.

    I've looked through the options and tried running the game with or without V-Sync checked, but it all looks the same, no difference at all.

    Am I the only one who has this issue? I'd appreciate some insight.

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    Hi Deazita!

    Thanks for reaching out, I'd be glad to check into this for you! Do you have screenshots of the two games by any chance so I can see what you're looking at?
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