With the cancellation of the Frontline player test, I have to APPLAUD Ubisoft. This is the only time you've listened to your community.

So where to go from here? Answer: INCLUSIVE DESIGN

Inclusive Design is a field of design budding from designers creating solutions WITH communities, not FOR them. Big shift. It started with the need to address the issues of typically disabled communities which designers were not experienced with, and for whom traditional research techniques would not have generated the right insights about what these communities needed.

I strongly encourage Ubisoft to create the nest GR game, or at least major components of it, inclusively with the most hardcore community members. If you can make a game WITH these user who have extreme desires and highly specific insightful ideas, you will manage to come out with a game EVERYONE can enjoy and tailor to their desired difficulty level and play style. Design WITH your most demanding players and you'll win. Literally money will fall from the sky. Wouldn't that be better than sniper towers falling from the sky?

We're with you on the cancellation of Frontline. Keep listening.