So like the title says. Please remove the placeholder for images and material/textures.

There are so many cool possibilities with modding the textures or with the image option in media tracker.
Especially since the new custom materials came with the latest update like the CustomModTrans and the Decals etc.

But there are many people playing with downloads disabled. What results in a worse map experience and sometimes the map becomes completely unplayable because the placeholder blocks the screen.

So making a map with a mod that uses custom materials like these or a full screen image loaded in with media tracker can for instance never get TOTD. Because it takes too long to load for a mod on COTD, if it even loads in.

Ive heard that the reasoning for the placeholder was so you can't make invisible walls and stuff like that. But imo that makes no sense because you can still just do that with the in game mesh modeler block visibility option and make it collidable. So.... please remove those placeholders or make them atleast almost invisible so its still possible to drive without a mod loaded or even when your ingame media tracker image isn't loading.

I know there are many many scenery builders and modders that back me up with this.