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    the right thing to do?

    - On the FC6 release date (at 18:00), you buy a subscription month.
    - You download the game and play 4 hours (until about midnight).
    - Then your GPU dies. Because you don't have access to any other gaming computer, the subscription is now unusable.
    - What is the right thing for Ubisoft to do?
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    If your video card had problems, then it could die from the load in any other game. This is most likely a coincidence.
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    Hey Jan_VP, thanks for reaching out!

    I do not know the details of the event however it is rather unfortunate serious of events based on what you've mentioned.

    Nevertheless, if you do not have an operating PC, I am afraid there is not much we can do in such instance. If you do manage to find a replacement for your video card however, you will be able to access the game and proceed from where you've left.

    Should you have any further queries, let us know!
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