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    Just paid for Ubisoft+ but am only prompted to subscribe still...

    I opened a case with support already (Ubisoft Support Ticket: 15449245) but I have been charged 15.28 on my card for the subscription service however I don't have so much as an email from Ubisoft confirming the subscription status as well as any access to the content of which I paid for. Is this normal?
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    Hello GilmanGriff, thank you for getting in touch.

    I can see that you sent us an email regarding this issue and also a live chat. We then emailed you back regarding your subscription success.

    Should you still be experiencing any issues, please contact us again over Live chat or email, over your original ticket number > 15449245

    If the issue is now resolved as per your support ticket, please let us know and we will happily close this case for you, thanks again.
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