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    EVO - KNOWN ISSUES [Please report ALL issues on THIS thread]

    Hi, welcome to the Trials Evo issue thread. Please report all the technical issues you find in the game on this thread. Before reporting an issue, please check this post to see if your issue has already been posted, or if a a workaround has been posted.

    By keeping all Issues on this thread, our dev team can more easily identify and track all issues, and ensure that no issue goes unnoticed in the forums. We will also be merging other threads reporting issues into this thread.

    We are currently working on a title update to solve many of these issues. Thank you for your patience!

    List of known issues

    - Occasionally multiplayer game sessions are not properly recorded on the multiplayer leaderboards
    - Because of this issue, online statistics (played matches, wins/losses, experience points and user level) do not always update properly, and progress might be lost (reset back to old state)
    - This issue does not affect single player leaderboards or user created track leaderboards. Only multiplayer is affected.
    - This issue doesn't affect all players. If you are affected, you can still practice multiplayer, but your score might not be updated before we get a title update out.
    - We are currently working on a fix for this issue.

    - Occasionally "UNDEFINED TRACK" error is shown in multiplayer track voting screen. When this happens, the game is cancelled and players must search for a new game.
    - We know the cause and the issue will be fixed in the forthcoming update.

    - Unfortunately there are some exploits in two of the skill games (Ball of Steel and Icarus Factor) that are resulting in unnaturally high Leaderboards positions.
    - We are aware of these issues and are working on a fix as soon as possible, likely in the first title update.

    - Trials Evolution broke all time XBLA records for first day sales. Unfortunately this also meant that the Microsoft Xbox Live leaderboard server crashed (load was too heavy).
    - Some records made in first day were lost. Also some scores in global leaderboard were duplicated (server synchronization issue during crash) giving some players extra points for global leaderboards.
    - UPDATE: We have worked with Microsoft to fix the career global ranking leaderboard. All global leaderboard scores have now been recalculated (fixed). Please report any new gliched (and/or cheated) scores to us, so we can keep the leaderboard clean in the future as well!

    - Tracks with only 1 or 2 5-star ratings float to the top, as explained in this thread, while tracks with many more votes drop out of the top 50 list.
    - Please remember to vote all the tracks you play. If you find a bad track in the top 50 list, just give it a 1 star score, and it should drop out of the list. If we have enough players doing this, the top list should stay pretty clean until the rating system is fixed properly.
    - UPDATE: We have worked closely with Microsoft to employ a Track Central fix addressing an issue affecting user-rating balance for Player-created tracks. Now the rating scheme better takes into account the number of votes given and therefore those tracks with lots of excellent ratings given will appear higher than those with only a few. We’ll continue to work on this and other issues. Thank you for your patience, please help us by continuing to report issues on the KNOWN ISSUES thread, and have fun!

    - Tracks with over 22 checkpoints (including start and finish checkpoints) will crash the game. Remove checkpoints from your track to resolve the issue.
    - The forthcoming patch will fix this issue.

    - Some players have reported random console freezes when playing the game, especially in the online multiplayer game mode.
    - The patch will contain several multiplayer fixes, and we hope that these fixes will solve most of the console freeze issues.
    - To report new freezes, please use this thread: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.redlynxgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=84&t=8823">viewtopic.php?f=84&t=88 23</a><!-- l -->

    We are sorry about the difficulties, and are working hard to fix them as soon as possible.


    Q: I don't see any user-created content in Track Central!?!?
    A: You might have set your user content privilege to friends only. This limits your search options considerably. Adjust your settings in the Xbox Dashboard.

    Q: It says I have a low NAT rating and I can never connect to a multiplayer game?
    A: Hit the right bumper on the multiplayer game type selection screen and move the Player Skill and Latency Tolerance sliders to the left on the "Public Matchmaking Settings" screen.

    Q: I don't like the music. I want my own music. Why no music player?
    A: There's no need for a music player, this is a feature built into your Xbox. You can either rip CDs to your Xbox or stream music from a PC to your Xbox.
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    Re: Known Issues

    The game is incredible, guys. Fantastic work. I don't know if this is a server issue, but one time I was loading up a multiplayer match and the two levels I could pick from were both "Untitled (1)" and when the game was going to launch, it said that something was corrupt. Nothing like the file, maybe the match data.
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    Bug on dutch Version?


    When i completed a level. it would say. je hebt nog x medailles nodig om de volgende gebeurtenis vrij te spelen.

    But when i played it. it said: Je hebt nog 3 edailles nodig om de volgende gebeurtenis vrij te spelen.

    You guys maybe forget a m in the word medaille
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    Re: Known Issues

    Another issue has come back from the dead. Sometimes when viewing replays of others (even if you are viewing a replay with no faults) it shows the rider failing and does not reset to the previous checkpoint as normal to allow you to watch them try again and carry on.
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    Anybody else having trouble...

    Finding matches? I've only played one online, and I only found one person. It seems like there would be a ton of people playing. My NAT is open. I guess I'll play single player in the meantime.
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    Re: Known Issues

    I've got an other issue with multiplayer aswell

    When voting for the tracks, and the votes are the same (2-2 for example, on supercross), then i get 2 undefined tracks. If the game wants the start, it stops it and says the game settings are damaged, you return to multiplayer menu (roughly translated, as my game is dutch)

    EDIT: It happend even before voting.
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    Re: Anybody else having trouble...

    Yeah i got the same problem. Just keep reloading for now :/
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    Re: Anybody else having trouble...

    I played single player for about an hour this morning. I was really disappointed when I went over to multiplayer and had trouble finding a match. Gave up after about 5 minutes. Hopefully it's just a launch issue that will be resolved quickly. Might be heavy server load or something.
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    Re: Anybody else having trouble...

    just tested.. waited 30 sec and match started. There are lot of players.. so maybe that causes some problems. Works now.. playing atm
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    Re: Anybody else having trouble...

    Im in love with mp racing. Matchmakin takes a bit while tho. Might help if you cancel then restart.
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