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    Track Central down, playing custom track freezes game/console

    Hi there,
    playing on Xbox SeriesX (same issue on 360):
    -Track Central not working: cannot download any tracks, shows "no tracks found" everytime.
    -Playing already downloaded tracks freezes the game/console when the game tries to show the leaderboard for the custom track.
    -Uploading time to custom leaderboard impossible for the same reason... makes achievement "Community Spirit" unobtainable.

    I know it's an old game, but please fix this.

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    Ubi-Thrupney's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey Maniax, thanks for reaching out about this. Sorry to hear you'd have issues with some of the online functions.

    We've not had any reports of server issues, so I'd like to invite you to check our troubleshooting guide and our connectivity guide. In particular, can you make sure to fully update your console and all its software, give it a power cycle, and disconnect and reconnect it from your network? Then, make sure to reset your network hardware, and double-check that you don't have a device on the network running something that might cause connectivity issues.

    If the issue persists, could you let me know? I'll have some further steps we can take in that case Cheers!
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