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    What's happen to AT from september till now? Just asking no judge.

    Hi, at begining i wanna make statement that this is only question becouse im curious. I dont care about AT from some time becouse i see that u are trying to kill this game by not fixing gamebreaking bugs, removing trophies or killing fun from game by giving AT like this ones. So im just trying to do my best time and thats all. But there are many players who come to server asking for AT,gold,silver time and they leaving server and game hearing times like this..

    What is happening to AT from last month. Normaly from begining of the game there was 2 maybe 3 maps per month with very hard AT. In September there was:
    5 maps that only 150 players got AT
    5 maps that max 80 players got AT
    1 map that max 50 players got AT
    2 maps that max 20 players got AT
    1 map that max 10 player got AT
    and today we got map that only 1 player done AT and its not even author.

    So in september there was 14 maps with very hard AT,gold,silver,bronze medals almoust half of maps when normaly it was 2, 3 maps
    This month for 3 maps 2 are with very hard AT.

    So this is no coincidence you choosing this maps specialy. And im just curious why? What is the point, Becouse you need to have some reason to doing this.

    Second thing is that half of this maps AUTHOR time isnt author anymore. This noob authors giving their track to pro players to make time for them so maybe change AUTHOR medal or time name for GRINDED BY PRO medal.

    I know that there will be tons of negative comments becouse there are many trolls in here who cant think rationaly but i dont care i hoipe you answer to my question why last 2 months you increased drasticaly level of difficulty in this game.

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    Hello BrzuchLewego,

    Author times are, as the name suggests, completely up to the authors of the maps. Players are free to choose how difficult they want the author medal to be on their map by spending any amount of time setting it.

    When selecting Track of the Day we pay no attention to how solid the author time is, and who drove it. One month you may see a lot of maps created by players of average skill level while another month you may see tracks selected that were created by very skilled or even professional players, so their author times will naturally be a lot harder.
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    Ty for answer i understand. But its strange that all previous months there are 2,3 hard AT oer month and now 15 in september and 2 from 3 maps in october. Just strange coincidance. And like i said half of times are not made by author and this also isnt right.

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    I agree with Phoebe, a map's author time is not necessarily the same difficult for all maps because all different kinds of players build maps.

    Instead of getting hung up on medals let me suggest using your global or regional rank instead.