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    Is possible that there is a Handicap in this game?

    There are times that I don't know how I can do very good races ... and then go wrong.

    I do not mean to lose races, where obviously you face very good people with good marks, but to that nothing comes out, not a jump, not a fall, losing control of the motorcycle that you used to drive very well and not being able to finish the race and spending a lot of gold tickets xD

    Well, I have come to cry hahaha and by the way add me that I want to get the squirrel costume that I have been seeing for years xD
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    One thing I m sure of is that your game play is at times influenced by the developers. I will have perfect races and then suddenly controls don't work as intended, speed is reduced and yes you lose a lot of golden tickets. I also raced and clearly finished first and bang the red defeated banner appear. So I have to ask why spend hours loads of money to improve your bike performance and skills only for this to happen. But I still live the game
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